Mobile Responsive Version of Security Awareness Training Library

Laval, Quebec (CA), July 2020 - Terranova Security, a global leader in security awareness training, has announced mobile responsive security awareness training content enhancements for its platform.

This release allows organizations to train their users on any device, allowing them to access security awareness training modules from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Users’ training progress is always saved to their unique platform profile, ensuring that no learning momentum is lost. These enhancements underscore the Terranova Security dedication to delivering a fun, engaging, powerfully effective omnichannel learning experience.

"Successful security awareness training is all about giving your users flexible learning options", said Terranova Security CEO Lise Lapointe. "Mobile learning is ideal for the modern workforce because it promotes agile, more practical training and positive behavior change."

Major mobile-responsive features in this release include

  • enhanced flexibility and convenience -
    Terranova Security is recognized for its high-quality content, strong customer support, customizable learning material, and for ensuring that its content is available to all users. The company has continued to deliver in this area, with security- awareness training content that can be enjoyed on any device via an improved mobile responsive design. This release reinforces the Terranova Security commitment to bring security awareness training to all users on their preferred device for a more flexible, comfortable learning experience.
  • seamless training access on all devices -
    Terranova Security is committed to making security awareness training programs engaging and easy to use. This mobile responsive release from Terranova Security enables users to save their progress to their unique platform profile that's accessible in their favorite browser, regardless of the device being used. This makes switching between a desktop and a smartphone or tablet effortless, uncomplicated, and free of any training data loss.
  • enhanced mobile responsiveness, same high-quality awareness courses users love -
    The Terranova Security mobile responsiveness measures included enhancements made to the company's information security awareness course library. This high-quality training content has become the Terranova Security hallmark and is now available across all devices, giving users the freedom to complete security awareness training modules at a time and on a device that works for their schedule and lifestyle.

"Our mobile responsive security awareness training allows users to learn on a device they're comfortable with, at a time that works best for them," expanded Lise Lapointe. "A more seamless training experience eases the behavior change process, reduces risk, and strengthens an organization's first line of defense against cyber threats."

The recent explosion in mobile device usage has magnified the importance of mobile learning as a vital part of any security awareness training program. Studies show that 70% of learners feel more motivated when training on a mobile device, while smartphone learners tend to complete course material 45% faster than those using a desktop computer.

These trends won't be fading anytime soon. As of 2019, there were more cell phones on Earth than human beings. By 2025, 72% of internet users will access the web using only their smartphones, making their inclusion in security awareness training more crucial than ever.

The English mobile-responsive version of the Terranova Security security awareness training course material is available now to new and existing customers. The Terranova Security mobile responsive content will be available in additional languages by the end of 2020.