New eBook

Microlearning - Go beyond the Hype

Pune (IN), December 2020 - There has been a lot of discussion and propaganda around microlearning, but never truly an objective and holistic inference. The latest offering from Upside Learning, "Microlearning - Go beyond the Hype" is dedicated to mapping these missing pieces and complete the puzzle.

The book takes you through the following nuggets that help build the whole picture:

  1. Memory and micro-moments of learning
  2. Micro steps into macrolearning
  3. Avatars and impact of microlearning
  4. Bust common myths
  5. Commandments of microlearning
  6. Design strategy and delivery tools
  7. Microlearning challenges and limitations

Readers of this book will be taken to the smallest link of learning to the heart of microlearning concepts and will get a thorough understanding of the layered concepts that have never been clearly linked and explained. Thus, the book will provide the reader with the knowledge leading to expertise only a few possess.