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Mind Tools for Business Supports Learn Appeal Charity

Edinburgh (UK), December 2021 - Mind Tools for Business has launched a new initiative that supports the eLearning charity Learn Appeal in its effort to create a learning revolution that grants everyone the right to learn.

Between now and 31 December 2021, the business will be providing a charitable donation of £10 to Learn Appeal for every completion of their Learning Performance Benchmark. The Learning Performance Benchmark is a free, independent, and confidential L&D comparison tool that is designed to measure an organization's performance on the global L&D market and boost learning maturity scores.

Previously known as Towards Maturity's Learning Health Check, the benchmark supports a performance-driven learning community of practice and draws on over eighteen years of longitudinal research that has been shared with the learning community.

By completing the benchmark, organizations will gain rich insights to help them become top performing organizations, whilst also being able to support the fantastic projects that Learn Appeal are working on. This includes the Learn Appeal Capsule, which focuses on making eLearning content accessible to remote and rural communities across the world.

John Yates, CEO of Emerald Works, said, "Having served on its Board for a couple of years, Learn Appeal is close to my heart, and it is our industry's charity. I'm very excited for Mind Tools to be supporting the great work the charity does through our Learning Performance Benchmark. Not only is this a great opportunity to give back to the L&D community and encourage a learning community of practice, but it’s also an opportunity to donate to a fantastic cause at the same time - a genuine win-win. So, complete the new and improved Benchmark before the end of the year to help develop your 2022 learning strategy and support Learn Appeal at the same time!"

Jonathan Satchell, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Learn Appeal, added, "We are currently a small charity with volunteer-led resources, but we have global potential to help disconnected communities all over the world, and to achieve this, we need to grow. Learn Appeal is delighted to have the support of Mind Tools for Business to help us increase our reach and impact.

Taking part in Mind Tools' research into the factors influencing success in workplace learning provides employers with insights on how to improve learning performance within their organization, and now, thanks to this collaboration, you have the chance to support skills development in disadvantaged communities. 

Every Learn Appeal Capsule we have deployed to date has brought high quality relevant learning to the lives of all users, but the challenge ahead is massive. We appeal to employers who share our passion for transformation through learning to donate to help us grow."