Plagiarism Prevention

Indonesian OU Upholds Fair and Equal Education Environment

Stockholm (SWE), December 2021 - Ouriginal, a leading European provider of plagiarism  detection and prevention solutions, is proud to work together with Universitas Terbuka, the Indonesia Open University, to ensure a fair and equal teaching and learning environment at Indonesia's first and biggest hybrid university. The university, with more than 500,000 students from 36 countries, upholds the highest standards of teaching and learning methods. To protect these standards in times of the pandemic and also beyond, Universitas Terbuka chose Ouriginal as the plagiarism detection solution of their choice in early 2021.

The University of Terbuka was founded in 1984 to serve people who lack the opportunity to attend face-to-face classes and degree programs because of various constraints, such as lack of funding, living in an isolated and rural area, or having a full-time job. Since then, remote learning has played an important role in the course and degree setup.

The increasing numbers of online enrolments have revealed challenges in safeguarding academic integrity over the years. However, when online lessons became the new standard during the pandemic, and there were more than 170,000 students learning remotely by using University LMS, an immediate need arose to detect and prevent plagiarism: The call went out for a flexible, easy to integrate, and cost-efficient plagiarism prevention solution.

"We at Universitas Terbuka are using the Moodle Learning Management System to structure our processes. Therefore, it was of utmost importance that the text-similarity analysis solution of our choice should be able to seamlessly integrate into our processes", said Dimas Agung Prasetyo, M.S, Head of UPT - TIK. "In addition to fulfilling these requirements, Ouriginal proved to be able to process thousands of documents and display comprehensive analysis reports in a relatively short time."

According to the university's spokesperson, up until today, the Ouriginal solution has helped prevent many cases of fraud. Plagiarism not only damages the quality of a fair and equal education environment, but it also robs students of the opportunity to develop their full potential in that it disincentivizes learning how to think critically and write independently.

"As the Ouriginal system is simple to use and the results are easy to understand by both educators and students, we have seen an increase in learning satisfaction at our institution. We'd like to thank Ouriginal for supporting us in upholding academic integrity in learning at Universitas Terbuka."

Ouriginal's solution addresses the needs of educators in the now increased digitized teaching and learning environment. It enables educators to find text matches in submitted content irrespective of language and provides insights into the development of students’ writing skills. The solution integrates seamlessly with the most popular learning management systems (LMS) and is an efficient tool for any organization that wants to protect academic integrity and promote originality.