LiveHire and Enboarder

Next-Generation Onboarding Experience

Christy Forest, LiveHire CEOMiami, FL (USA), June 2022 - LiveHire Ltd., a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform connecting companies and candidates, and Enboarder, the world's only people activation platform enabling companies to transform their people programs into simple, human-centric journeys, have announced their strategic integration to enable experience-led and personalized onboarding.

In today's digital era, it is critical for organizations to provide experience-driven onboarding that is ongoing, engaging, rich, and consistent. In fact, the top two reasons candidates withdraw from the recruiting process are because they feel their time was being disrespected and the process took too long. LiveHire's integration with Enboarder enables the transfer of data in a seamless fashion with the flexibility to choose the status you would like to trigger the integration, creating a faster, more seamless experience.

"Our integration with Enboarder comes at an opportune time, at which candidate experience is vital to recruitment," says Christy Forest, LiveHire CEO. "Enboarder's integration with LiveHire provides a seamless transition from recruitment to onboarding that is experience driven from end to end."

According to Business News Daily, a poor onboarding experience is a major cause of employee turnover. This can ultimately cost an organization 100-300% of the employee's salary in total. It is important to get off on the right foot with onboarding, which ultimately starts during the recruitment process.

"At Enboarder, our mission is to help organizations put their people and human connection at the center of everything they do," said Brent Pearson, founder and CEO of Enboarder. "By integrating our People Activation Platform with LiveHire, we'll ensure that companies worldwide are providing their new employees with a smooth transition from the hiring to onboarding process, solidifying strong connection and engagement throughout the employee's entire journey."

"Kent Removals and Storage have undertaken a highly successful dual partnership and integration with LiveHire and Enboarder as part of our people initiative to ensure an excellent candidate and employee journey. What we have loved about LiveHire is that we can be agile in our messaging and contact with candidates, ensuring that we are communicating to everyone their status and progress.
“The talent community is a great way for us to engage passive candidates and build a connection for opportunities down the track. With Enboarder, the workflows allow us to really tailor the onboarding to the needs of our changing workforce. Catering to our blue-collar and white-collar staff members both on site and remote is easy with Enboarder," said Paula McCabe, Head of Talent and Performance at Kent Removals and Storage.

"We get to engage with our new hires the moment they accept and keep them engaged during that critical time during their notice period. Having both systems in play means the journey from candidate to employee is seamless, engaging, intuitive, and fun. Our feedback to date indicates that we are just shy of reaching a 5-star rating for this integration," she added.