The Future is Now

New eBook from Speexx on the Reskilling Imperative

Munich (GER), July 2022 - Speexx has published a new ebook entitled, "The Future is Now: Why Investment in Upskilling, Reskilling, and Learning Cannot Wait". Instilling a culture of continuous learning and talent development now will future-proof your business later.

The workforces of the future will be consciously built, not readymade. This is the realization that organizations worldwide are waking up to in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the rapid push for widespread digital transformation is creating both challenges and opportunities for firms in all sectors.

The world of work is changing at an astonishing rate, and many skillsets that were highly relevant and coveted in recent years are now superannuated and no longer fit for this accelerated time of digital transformation.

With the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicting that half of the global workforce will require reskilling by 2025, there's no time to waste when it comes to committing to the learning and development of today's workers. Teaching new skillsets and honing existing knowledge are integral to ensure talents' readiness for digital transformation, facilitate healthy organizational evolution, support change management, and build an engaged workforce that has tangible, exciting future career trajectories.

The landscape of work is shifting globally. Is your organization ready to keep up with the pace of change?

Highlighted in In this eBook are

  • the long-term value of continuous learning
  • the impact of digital tech adoption
  • bolstering skills in the age of automation
  • identifying the skills gaps of tomorrow
  • creating learning-focused career paths