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2023 Talent Acquisition Realities Survey

London (UK), March 2023 - How are talent acquisition (TA) teams succeeding in the current business climate? Fosway Group has opened TA Realities Research 2023 to explore how TA is managing change and evolving as a function.

Last year's inaugural TA Realities research revealed that 60% of TA professionals felt greater pressure to show value to their stakeholders since the pandemic, and more than half reported they had been through a major shift in what they do as a TA function.

Respondents also reported that their priorities for the year ahead included improving the quality of hire and improving the candidate experience and diversity of hire. This year's survey continues to track these areas as well as identifying the most successful approaches to hiring.

The survey explores

  • Talent acquisition strategy and operations
  • the digital TA ecosystem
  • the candidate/talent experience

The research will remain open through to May 2023. All respondents will receive priority access to the research findings.

"Last year's inaugural TA Realities Research set the benchmark for the research that now follows. The current business climate, skills challenges, and recessionary pressures mean talent acquisition teams have their work cut out to help support organisational success," said David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group. "Aligning TA activities to business outcomes is key for demonstrating value and impact, and it will be interesting to see how teams are doing this in volatile times."