Humantic AI and Sandler

To Redefine Sales Training in the Age of AI

Palo Alto, CA (USA), April 2023 - Humantic AI, the world's first buyer intelligence platform, leverages cutting-edge AI to enable a human-centric approach to selling. Sandler, similarly, is a big proponent of people-centric sales methodologies. Its comprehensive training programs include DISC training, which gives salespeople the ability to understand different kinds of buyer personalities. This helps them effectively communicate with buyers and increase the odds of winning a deal.

With the common goal of restoring the human element in sales, the two have announced a partnership that follows a two-pronged approach. The first directive is to equip Sandler and its customers with Humantic AI. In the future, they also plan to collaborate in terms of product and content significantly.

"Technology - more specifically, AI - often creates distance between people," says Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder and CEO of Humantic AI. "However, that same technology, that same AI can bring people together - and that's what we're all about. This partnership allows a cutting-edge innovator like us and a legendary sales performance organization like Sandler to come together and make sales less transactional, and the world just a tiny bit more human."

"This was a natural fit," adds Fred Alexander, SVP of Growth and Development at Sandler. "Considering Sandler customers have always known their way around DISC selling, the only challenge was that sellers had to rely on intuition to guess their buyer's DISC type. With Humantic AI, there's now a scientific way to know their buyer and alter their approach accordingly. And this is just the beginning!"