Extended Reality Immersive Learning as a Service Solution

New York, NY (USA), May 2023 - In advance of the AWE Conference, CGS®, a global provider of applications, enterprise learning, and outsourcing services, announced an industry-first XR Immersive Learning as a Service (ILaaSTM) solution that enables companies to digitally accelerate and transform how they improve performance of their workforce. 

The new ILaaS platform is powered by CGS's TeamworkARTM and LaunchpadXRTM technologies. It removes barriers for enterprise organizations as they launch, deploy, and scale learning experiences with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

CGS clients, including the American Red Cross, McDonald's, and Scoot Airlines, are already using the new ILaaS solution for next-level XR support and strategy without making a large upfront investment in needs assessments, hardware, logistics, staff, 3D content, integrations, and reporting infrastructure.

"Immersive Learning as a Service is an exciting solution for companies that want to onboard, train, and improve teams' performance using mixed reality. TeamworkAR by CGS provides everything needed to quickly design and launch enterprise immersive experiences - from designing and testing the proof of concept through full-service logistics and content creation with leading hardware and software partners such as Google, Hololens, Matterport, Meta, RealWear, ServiceNow, and Twilio," said Doug Stephen president, enterprise learning division, at CGS.
"ILaaS is especially beneficial for large enterprises looking to execute collaboration at scale while reducing costs, complexity, risk, and time-to-performance. It allows them to pilot MR and demonstrate ROI without the headache of procuring devices they might not need in the future."

The CGS ILaaSTM solution can be adapted for any industry and was recently deployed by one of the largest U.S. nonprofit humanitarian organizations to train thousands of phlebotomists in the field. This resulted in a 75% increase in volunteer ramp-up time, a 70% increase in training enrollment, and savings of $6.5 million over a three-year period for the non-profit.

"Training and remote assistance prevail as high-value use cases for AR/VR, and streamlining access to those use cases only strengthens that value," says Eric Abbruzzese, Research Director with ABI Research. "Ensuring interoperability and integration with existing systems and devices can be challenging, but having a flexible portfolio with professional service support is a boon for any company at any stage of XR maturity."

Using any device, anywhere, TeamworkARTM is a platform offering next-level support, on-the-job training, and remote assistance to field services, operations, and manufacturing. The solution helps increase safety, boost efficiency, and iterate more quickly by allowing employees to work, test, learn, and connect with technology that displays virtual information in their surrounding real-world environment.
Through tech-forward engagement programs, leveraging AI, AR/VR, machine learning, and gamification, TeamworkARTM helps our clients achieve their business objectives and drive ROI. Each solution is custom-tailored and designed to engage employees and keep clients' employee-related business fundamentals strong in an ever-changing environment.

How ILaaS Solution Works

  • solution and integration
  • custom AR content development from customer training materials and company content’
  • XR content is available on iOS, Android, the web, and all wearable platforms.
  • logistics and Device Management
  • manage supply chain for devices, including warehousing, shipping, and software and hardware updates
  • manage device and accessory maintenance (sanitizing between use), repair, recovery, and replacement
  • onboarding and training
  • custom training program design in collaboration with an award-winning, experienced team
  • virtual on-demand training and workshops
  • immersive employee user guides (including videos or simulations)
  • monitoring and reporting
  • outcomes and effectiveness business reports (ROI)
  • device usage and inventory management
  • support
  • technical support for hardware connectivity or TeamworkAR via Chat messaging platform or 1-800 hotline
  • 24/7 support call center.