Learning Pool and Mind Tools

Exploring the Potential of Generative AI for Workforce Development

London (UK), May 2023 - Learning Pool, a leading eLearning solutions provider, and Mind Tools, a world-renowned authority in leadership and management development, recently announced a partnership to explore the potential of generative AI tools for the benefits of learning and workforce development. The companies are conducting a series of experiments aimed at understanding the business value of tools like ChatGPT in the context of learning, with a particular focus on leadership and management skills.

The partnership will kick off with the release of Converse, an AI-powered tool designed to help users practice difficult conversations. As the user has the conversation they get real-time feedback from the AI "employee" and have the opportunity to redirect the conversation.

Every iteration of the conversation is unique, with the AI enabling an unbounded set of responses. Once the conversation is complete, users get additional AI-generated feedback based on how their conversation compares to the requirements of the feedback frameworks as validated by the experts at Mind Tools. Converse features real-time conversation, including the full use of two-way audio and text-based conversation options, making it an incredibly immersive and real-to-life experience.

John Yates, CEO of Mind Tools, added, "Transparency is critical when it comes to generative AI tools, particularly in areas like learning where the stakes are high. We need to be able to trust the answers we're getting from these tools and understand how they're arriving at those answers. Through our partnership with Learning Pool, we're committed to developing that trust and transparency."

"Experimentation is key to understanding the potential of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and the models that underpin it for learning and workforce development," said Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool. "We need to explore how these tools can help us deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences, and we need to do so in a way that builds trust and transparency with our customers. Our partnership with Mind Tools is a significant step towards achieving those goals."

This press release was generated by ChatGPT. It really is quite clever.