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Harbinger at the Forefront of AI Advancements for eLearning

Shrikant Pattathil, Chief Technology Officer, Harbinger GroupRedmond, WA (USA), June 2023 - Harbinger Group, a global technology company that builds products and solutions to transform the way people work and learn, leverages AI advancements to modernize eLearning development, product design, and content management. "Harbinger stands tall in harnessing the true potential of generative AI to help customers solve complex content-centric problems in translations, personalization, onboarding, and accessibility at scale," said Shrikant Pattathil, Chief Technology Officer, Harbinger Group. 

"Our vision is to build innovative solutions that enable learner-centric experiences using our content expertise and technology expertise in neural networks, deep learning, NLP, and language transformers."

The company has designed the iContent Framework to help clients enable intelligent content automation via private and openAI models. They are now offering learning content audit solutions for organizations wanting to update and transform legacy content and identify areas of improvement in their L&D strategy.

The company has developed the world's first AI-powered platform, Quillionz, which helps create questions, quizzes, and notes from text and videos. It also has developed Skimthru, an AI-powered solution to highlight parts of the video that matter the most to the learner, enabling quick absorption of key information in the videos.

Recently, Harbinger helped a leading financial organization automate its question generation process by implementing a trained T5 generative AI model. The company also successfully completed another project in which they built an AI-based voice-enabled chatbot to help a US-based limited-service food company simplify the workforce training process.

The company has been using AI tools and technologies like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Figma, Canva, Uizard, and Microsoft 365 Copilot to streamline various internal and daily operations, like image recommendation, content creation, idea and scenario generation, proofreading, question generation, transcription, and translation.

"Embracing the latest AI developments helped Harbinger design intelligent and scalable eLearning solutions," said Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President, eLearning, Harbinger Group. "With AI tools and technologies, we are able to advance product engineering, automate content development, and provide innovative solutions to our customers."

Harbinger won the Best Performance Support Solution award for its AI-based chatbot at Learning Solutions Conference 2023. The company expects its relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering AI-driven eLearning development solutions to shape the learning transformation.