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VirtualSpeech and Strivr Join Forces to Expand VR Training

London (UK), May 2024 - VirtualSpeech, a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) soft skills training solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Strivr, a leading extended reality (XR) platform transforming workforce development at scale. This collaboration will see VirtualSpeech's suite of communication and leadership training modules made available on the Strivr platform, offering users seamless access to a comprehensive collection of immersive VR training experiences.

By joining forces with Strivr, VirtualSpeech aims to broaden the accessibility of its VR training solutions and empower individuals and organizations to develop essential soft skills in a virtual environment. Through the integration of VirtualSpeech's training modules, Strivr customers will have the opportunity to bolster their VR content libraries through additional modules spanning communication, public speaking, and leadership skills - all accessible through a single interface.

"At VirtualSpeech, we are dedicated to leveraging VR technology to revolutionize the way people learn and develop soft skills," said Sophie Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of VirtualSpeech.

"We're bringing our real-time AI roleplays to Strivr's enterprise platform, enabling people to practice difficult conversations, sales pitches, interviews, negotiations, and more on demand with AI avatars . Partnering with Strivr allows us to expand the reach of our VR soft skills training solutions, and we're proud to be working with Strivr on our mission to scale VR learning across global organizations."

With a focus on delivering both learning and business impact, the Strivr platform enables enterprises to elevate employee engagement, performance, and productivity through AI-powered immersive experiences at scale. By offering VirtualSpeech's training modules on the Strivr platform, users can benefit from a seamless training experience, accessing content offerings from both companies spanning fully customized, built-to-order experiences, to turnkey, off-the-shelf courses designed to upskill vital employee communication skills.

"With over two million training experiences launched on our platform, Strivr is redefining how enterprises train their employees," said Aneesh Kulkarni, Strivr CTO. "By partnering with VirtualSpeech, we are excited to further expand our content library, providing a more comprehensive collection of immersive skills training to elevate workforce performance at scale."

With the Strivr platform, customers will also have the option to create customized learning paths for their employees and track overall usage through the Strivr portal.