Tech Talent Charter

QA on a Mission to Boost Tech Diversity by Signing

London (UK), January 2019 - QA has signed the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) as part of its ongoing commitment to break down career barriers, bridge the UK's skills gap, promote a diverse workforce, and support women in tech.



Kostenfreie Online-Weiterbildung der Hochschule Landshut

Landshut, Juni 2018 - Die kostenfreie Online-Weiterbildung der Hochschule Landshut für Fachkräfte in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe startet im Juli. Schwerpunkt: Diversity Development für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Fluchterfahrung. Der Online-Kurs besteht aus fünf Modulen.


To Drive Inclusion

Diversity & Learning LAB Announced by The MASIE Center

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), March 2018 - Elliott Masie has announced new "Diversity & Learning LAB", a unique program for learning and human resources professionals. Hosted by international learning leader Jayzen Patria, the Diversity & Learning LAB will take place at The MASIE Center in Saratoga Springs, NY, 10-12 April 2018.



The More Diverse Potential Student Market

Dr Kay LipsonMelbourne (AU), November 2017 – Dr Kay Lipson is currently the Executive Director at Growth Initiatives for Online Education Services (OES).  Founded in 2010, OES is a public-private partnership with SEEK, who have matched over 150,000 students with their ideal course, and Swinburne University of Technology, a pioneer in online education with over 20 years’ experience. In Session IMP 33, 07 December from 16.15 to 17.30, she will debate the question of "Higher Education Strategy: Putting Learners First?"


Research Highlights

The Changing Realities of European HR in 2017-18

Fosway Corporate ConnectCirencester (UK), November 2017 - With economic, technological, and social change creating a perfect storm for organisations and employees alike, 600+ HR leaders gave their views on the future of work to Fosway Group. Can HR's strategies hold the key to success in these turbulent times?


Film Driven

Marshall E-Learning Launches Video eLearning Service

London (UK), May 2016 - Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, an equality and diversity specialist eLearning consultancy, has launched a dedicated video service for its eLearning courses, tapping into the 74% of people who use mobile devices for eLearning.