LEO Learning eBook

The Future of Connected Learning

Brighton (UK), November 2019 - LEO Learning, a market leader in digital learning technologies and learning strategy, has published a new ebook that will help training and  development professionals maximize the effectiveness of digital learning programs through powerful and connected social learning strategies.

The ebook explores a series of critically important opportunities for all those involved in organizational learning, and it also provides practical enablers to help businesses take advantage of these emerging technologies and strategies.
"Connected Learning: How to Harness the Power of Social, Data, and Networks" explores how the convergence of two key emerging themes put us in a pivotal moment with regard to digital learning. The two themes of connected learners and connected organizations are combining to deliver a massive step change, in which we will see the effectiveness and efficiency of digital learning multiplied many times.
LEO Learning thought leaders and the ebook authors, Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Learning Design, and Rose Benedicks, Strategic Consulting Lead, explore

  • how digital learning has evolved into connected learning
  • how to embed social learning strategies into a learning program
  • five practical ways to enable social learning
  • key opportunities to connect your organization
  • how to join your data and networks together

On the subject of social learning and connected learners, Andrew Joly, said, "This is a very exciting time for us. We are only now seeing how social learning strategies are building a far deeper learner engagement factor in digital learning, and how we can begin to change learner behaviors, and even learning culture, in a very interesting way."
Rose Benedicks, added, "We live in truly exciting times, in which technology lets us connect our systems and networks like never before. In this ebook, we explore how to start connecting your organization, with a view to achieving an insight-led, data-driven ecosystem that supports the future of learning."