Professional Development

Cogito Announces an AI-Informed Personalized Coaching Solution

Boston, MA (USA), November 2022 - Cogito, a leader in real-time coaching and guidance for the enterprise, has announced a new and enhanced solution targeted at improving the employee experience for frontline teams. The Personalized Coaching features are designed to better support employees in handling complex customer service inquiries and focus on professional development based on each agent's skills.

Contact center coaching has historically relied on qualitative, anecdotal feedback from small teams of overwhelmed managers, fewer quality assurance (QA) resources, and limited customer surveys assessing less than 1% of calls. This process is notoriously labor intensive for supervisors, who must randomly select calls and subjectively evaluate the themes and skills of their agents. To alleviate challenges from this tedious process and limited perspective, and to better meet the needs of today's digitally native and increasingly remote workforce, Cogito developed its Personalized Coaching solution, from which data-driven and robust feedback is delivered on 100% of their calls.

The Personalized Coaching dashboard reviews speaking behaviors across emotion cues and key conversation topics pertinent to the contact center context. All calls are reviewed, with specific targets automatically identified, an approach that gives supervisors more time to focus on developing their team skills. The product leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate agents' unique skills and needs, regardless of their physical office environment. It provides direct feedback on their progress toward individualized goals and rewards agents with positive recognition from team leaders.

"Well-being has always been at the heart of our technology, creating solutions that equip individuals with real-time emotional intelligence and insights to improve their ability to deliver more caring, differentiated experiences," said Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito. "As we navigate a changing workforce, we expect to place a more considerable emphasis on the applications of data to improve frontline employee experiences and, consequently, the interaction between agents and customers. Cogito ensures enterprise frontline teams are equipped with resources to enhance and improve these human interactions with the tools and guidance that empower humans."